Linchpins of Liberty

Much of what ails America today can be traced to the loss of a connection to the past and a dismissal of tradition. This disassociation from our heritage stems in large part from a neglect of books. In order to reclaim our traditions, we must restore the primacy of good books – books which reflect truth and beauty, and which encourage the virtue that strengthens the roots of our American order. As Russell Kirk once wrote, sound books about the human condition and about civil social order can arouse a healthy intellectual reaction to preserve order, justice, and freedom.

Linchpins of Liberty is an American leadership development enterprise established to challenge the imagination of the rising generation.  The mission of Linchpins of Liberty is to restore and preserve ordered liberty in local communities by training and equipping local leaders about the inter-relation between individual liberty and morality, free-markets, limited government, strong national defense, and the traditional principles of America’s moral and constitutional order.


• Linchpins of Liberty will focus on how the restoration and preservation of liberty begins with reading the right books.

• By infusing current policy research with works of conservative history and conservative political philosophy, Linchpins of Liberty will move to restore a greater understanding and love for America’s moral and constitutional order and its relevance to contemporary issues in local communities.

•  Linchpins of Liberty will train and develop community leaders – particularly from among the rising generation – by introducing and leading discussions on foundational works of conservative thought and by hosting events featuring well-known and influential conservative thinkers and leaders.